Thursday, 12 November 2015

Spray Booth

As you get older I think you worry more about your health and although I have sprayed and sanded stuff for many years I thought it was about time to invest in some sort of extraction. I considered a home made solution using a bathroom extractor but looking at the costs for a decent one which even then wouldn't produce enough suck I looked to Ebay for a solution.
I purchased this portable modelling spray booth for which there are a number of suppliers for around £55. Although portability was not essential, it would be handy if it could fold away into a small space if required and excluding the pipe work it does.

The dimensions are 40cm wide, 15cm tall and 20cm deep when folded up. Deployed it expands to about 40cm tall while the depth will increase to 70cm when you attached the extraction pipe (not mentioned on most sites)

I have mine placed near a window so it can extract fumes outside (I love the smell of solvent in the morning...). I am happy with its performance as fumes no longer fill the room and as can be seen on the blue filter at the back, the fan draws in the paint particles although I have now started wearing a mask as well.

I'm leaving it set up for now as like kitchen equipment, if it's put in a cupboard it probably wont get used. I have also placed a square of MDF on the base for additional protection and expanded the size of the turntable that comes with it with a lid from a "celebrations" container.

So if you're looking for a solution, this works fine and is probably as cheap as making one. Hope this s helpful.

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