Saturday, 31 October 2015

Tablescape new release - Mid East Ramparts

 Tablescapes lastest release is a town gate which compliments their Middle Eastern range.

Designed for 28mm it is shown here with some of my Gripping Beast Moors so you can get an indication of size. The piece is approximately 150mm wide and about 120mm tall. It has a non opening entrance gate in an Arabic style and a dressed stone texture.

On the reverse is a platform capable of holding figures. The figures in the photo are based for Impetus and are on a 120mm x 40mm piece of 3mm MDF. As can be seen steps are represented to allow access to the ramparts.

Tablescape terrain is ready painted and in this case is painted in light sand tones to represent the different shades of dress edrock. It is made from a light weigth polyeurothane foam which won't shatter like standard resin castings. A 150mm straight section of wall is also available in the same colour scheme. Corner pieces and/or towers are also planned.
I have also experimented with a red colour scheme to suit Indian style fortresses. It will be available on the Tablescape stand at Warfare in November 2015.

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