Monday, 12 October 2015

Colours 2015 - Newbury

Tablescape attended Newbury race course in September. The event was under new management and had been reduced to one day (Prefereable if you ask me). Not as many traders attended so we took the opportunity to extend our normal stand to 12 foot. From a sales perspective it was a good show for us, thank you for all that attended and purchased, I however will not being retiring on the proceeds or purchasing the company jet yet.

We also attended SELWG at Crystal Palace. Again I think the number of traders attending was down. Is this a trend?

Next show will be Colours in Reading. Come and say hello.

Update: I found a picture showing our attendance at Salute 2015. This is a very big show and although not a very pleasant venue it is a must for most traders due to footfall.
 As a trader you dont get much opportunity to have a good look around the show but this table caught my eye.

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