Saturday, 31 October 2015

Flocking and basing tray

I tend to do a lot of rebasing of figures as I can't find the best look or rules system. My latest approach however is to group figures in a diorama fashion which suits Amarti and Impetus rules and also my lastest foray into "To the strongest" ( more about these later).
Anyway I never had to hand a suitable tray to catch the flock or grit and often resorted to newspaper for my rebasing activities then I saw this in Tesco's.

What we have is a stackable set of wire trays used for cooling cakes. I found it in the Tesco's baking section for £10. There was a single rack £2 option but the cross wires only went one way and with a large gap I felt figures could fall through. This wire mesh however is ideal for allowing the flock to pass through but not the base. The stacking also increases my storage capacity which is an ongoing problem.

 Here is a sinlge rack with the legs folded up.

However what was also needed was a suitable tray to catch the flock. Using standard mounting board (card board) from Hobby craft I constructed a deep box into which the tray could fit.

Hey presto a rebasing tray. I'm am going to modify it possibly by cutting a hole in one of the shorter sides and glue in some guiding walls so that when I tip the tray up the flock will head towards the hole and I can pour it back into its storage container. The tray took about 2 hours to make including drying and used about £3 of mounting board.

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