Friday, 10 May 2013

Belated Christmas present

Period: ECW
Scale: 28mm
Subject: Horses, coach and 4 figures
Manufacturer: Redoubt Enterprises
Date: 6th May, 2013
Method: Black under coat, Foundry's 3 pot painting system, Coat D'Arms matt varnish

This was a belated Christmas present for my friend Gary. I purchased three of these sets from Redoubt at Warfare (2012) for a sale price of £20 each. I have already painted another one in similar colours for Noel's Christmas present and the third is for myself. As I am now bored with painting them, my one wont probably get finished and will join the bare metal army.
There was a little cleaning up of the carriage but otherwise construction was straight forward. Figures are nicely animated and easy to paint. I copied the light blue livery off Redoubts example.
Redoubt Enterprises great coach.

I used aluminium tomato paste tube cut 3mm wide for the suspension straps for the carriage. These are fastened to the four up right posts by the ball ornament acting as a pin through them. They are essential in holding the coach body steady. Being weighty gluing the body to chassis alone wont suffice.

I think I should have added reins and harness.

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